About This Report


The focal point of the water quality report is a table that lists the results of year-round monitoring for more than 120 constituents. Only the constituents that are found are listed in the water quality data tables. Bottled water is not covered in this report. Santa Ana met all primary drinking water standards in 2013.

By reading the table from left to right, you will learn the quantity of a constituent found in Santa Ana’s water supply and how that compares with the allowable state and federal limits.

You’ll also learn the range and average of the constituent measured as well as its origin. The questions and answers starting on this page, numbers 1 through 7, will explain the important elements of the table.

Get involved.

If you would like to be involved in issues and decisions that affect the quality and cost of your drinking water, City Council meetings are open to the public and held at 5:45 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The meeting location is at City Council Chambers, 22 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

For more information, contact:
Santa Ana City Council
20 Civic Center Plaza
P.O. Box 1988, M31
Santa Ana, CA 92702
phone: 714-647-6900
fax: 714-647-6954