Keeping Fit: Eliminate Fats, Oil & Grease!


Nope. This isn’t five steps to getting healthy, but a reminder that your kitchen sink isn’t the proper place to eliminate fats (F), oils (O) and grease (G).

Imagine your home’s plumbing system is like your body. Just as continual consumption of FOG builds a residue over time that blocks arteries and causes major health issues, the same goes for your home. FOG poured down sinks and drains build up inside sewer system pipes, restricting wastewater flow and eventually causing blockages. 

Blocked sewage can then overflow into your home, streets, lawns and storm drains, eventually making its way into our storm water drain system, waterways, and the ocean. Do yourself a favor by following a few simple guidelines. Doing so will save you money in unnecessary plumbing costs and help protect our natural resources.

Keep your plumbing fit with these five F-O-G favors:

  1. Dispose food waste directly into your trashcan rather than garbage disposal.
  2. Allow FOG to cool in an empty container (like an empty yogurt cup, milk carton or coffee can) and scrape the solid contents into the trash.
  3. Mix FOG with other absorbent disposed solids such as old newspaper or cat litter.
  4. Use paper towels to soak up FOG while still in liquid form and dispose them in the trash.
  5. Never pour FOG down the drain (yes, not even while running hot water)!

You may also want to consider reducing the amount of lard, oil and butter when cooking. Not only will this help keep your home’s plumbing systems fit, but will keep your family healthy and fit too!