About This Report


The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is an annual water quality report that informs you where your drinking water comes from and what’s in it.

The focal point of the CCR is a series of tables that list the results of year-round monitoring for more than 120 constituents. Included in these tables is the quantity of each constituent found in Santa Ana’s water supply, how it compares with the allowable state and federal limits, and the constituent’s likely origin. Only the constituents that are found in Santa Ana’s water are listed in the data tables. Bottled water is not covered in this report.


Your tap water met all U.S. EPA and State drinking water health standards in 2019. Santa Ana vigilantly safeguards its water supplies and once again, we are proud to report that our system has never violated a maximum contaminant level or any other water quality standard. 


Read this report to learn more about the water provided by Santa Ana and what the City is doing to ensure the highest quality of water is delivered to you year after year.

The following questions and answers, will explain the important elements of the data tables and more.


Where does Santa Ana get its water?

The City of Santa Ana relies on two sources for the 12.5 billion gallons of water it supplies each year: 77 percent is groundwater and 23 percent is imported water purchased from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). MWD is a regional wholesaler that provides water to 26 member public agencies like Santa Ana throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties.

Groundwater — Groundwater accumulates and is stored beneath the surface of the earth and then pumped to the surface by 20 city-owned wells.

Imported — MWD brings Colorado River water from Lake Havasu through the 242-mile Colorado River Aqueduct. It also transports water from Northern California via the State Water Project’s 444-mile California Aqueduct. The water is then treated at either the Diemer Filtration Plant in Yorba Linda or the Weymouth Water Treatment Plant in the City of La Verne before it is delivered to Santa Ana. There are seven MWD connections located in the city. Most of our customers receive a blending of the two sources: groundwater and imported water.

You can read about the water quality standards for each of these sources in the data tables. We have listed groundwater and imported water in separate tables. An additional table lists the water quality standards for Santa Ana’s water distribution system.