Santa Ana Students Learn the Value of Clean, Accessible Water


The Youth Water Poster Contest, held each year by the City of Santa Ana Water Resources Division, concluded on January 31, 2020 with 250 colorful entries. Choosing the winning posters was a difficult task for the judges because all entries were simply amazing! 

This year’s theme, “Imagine A Day Without Water,” sparked each student’s imagination and creativity to illustrate how their lives would be impacted without accessible, clean water. Could they shower or brush their teeth to get ready for school? Toilets wouldn’t flush. With no water to use in cooking, what would they be eating for dinner? In time, they wouldn’t have clean clothes to wear and, with no more water to help produce electricity, there would be no electricity to power the lights, the refrigerator and all the other appliances in their homes. These are only some of the ways that water is essential to our day-to-day lives. 

Through this creative project, students recognized how access to clean water is taken for granted, reinforcing their commitment to valuing and conserving this precious resource. Due to the COVID-19 stay at home mandate, the special awards ceremony and reception were canceled. However, all participants received a special certificate by mail. Trophies and prizes, ranging from gift certificates to Nintendo Switches and iPads, were delivered to the 12 finalists and grand prize winners. Congratulations to the talented winners ages 5-18 for their achievement!


A big shout out to this year’s judges:

  • Rosa Garcia
    Arts & Culture Commissioner
  • Gabriela Cramer
    Administrative Aide, Community Development Arts & Culture Office
  • Claudia Fernandez-Shaw
    Loan Specialist, Community Development City of Santa Ana