Available Rebates to Santa Ana Residents


High-Efficiency Clothes Washers

High-efficiency clothes washers use 55 percent less water than standard clothes washers. Less water means less energy needed for water heating, lowering your energy bill too. Rebates start at $85 per washer.
Apply for rebate: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2969
Read FAQs: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=3270


Premium High-Efficiency Toilets

Premium high-efficiency toilets use 20 percent less water and flush the same amount of waste just as, if not more, effectively. Rebates start at $85 per toilet.

Apply for rebate: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2971
Read FAQs: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=3273


Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Multi-trajectory, rotating streams apply water more slowly and uniformly to your landscape, encouraging healthy plant growth. Rebates start at $2 per nozzle.
Apply for rebate: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2975
Read FAQs: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=3275


Weather Based Irrigation Controller

Allows for more accurate, customized irrigation by automatically adjusting the schedule and amount of water in response to changing weather conditions. Rebates start at $80 or $35 per controller.
Apply for rebate: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2979


Soil Moisture Sensor System

A soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture content in the active root zone on your property. Rebates start at $80 or $35 per system.
Apply for rebate: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2977


Rain Barrels

Collecting and re-using rainwater from lawns and gardens minimizes the amount of water flowing into your storm drains, sewer systems and local waterways. Rebates start at $75 per barrel.
Apply for rebate: socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2973
Download tip sheet: socalwatersmart.com/images/PDFs/scws_rainbarrels.pdf