Rebate FAQs


The City of Santa Ana, in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, funds the SoCal Water$mart program to provide you with money saving rebates. Click here to view the rebates available to Santa Ana residents.


Questions about rebates? Here’s what you need to know.


How do I apply for a rebate?

In order to receive a rebate, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Apply online for your rebate. You may do this by visiting the Apply Online page.

  2. Within 60 days of your online submission, send in the following:
    — Copy of the online application confirmation page.
    — Copy of a recent water bill.
    — Copy of your receipt showing the product was paid for in full. It must also include brand, model, and individual price.

  3. Mail, fax, or email your documentation to:

    SoCal Water$mart Rebate Program
    3800 Watt Avenue, Suite 105
    Sacramento, CA 95821


I made a qualified purchase more than a year ago, but have not submitted my rebate application. Can I still receive a rebate?

No. You can only apply for a rebate on items that are currently available within 3 months from the date of purchase.


How can I find out the status of a rebate I’ve submitted?

You may inquire about the status of your rebate via telephone at 888-376-3314 or email. Please note that you should allow 2-4 weeks for rebate processing after submitting an application. You will receive an email advising you of the status once the application has been processed.


Is my rebate taxable?

If your rebate amount is $600 or more you will receive a 1099 form to comply with Internal Revenue Service requirements. Whether your rebate is taxable or not may depend on several variables. We recommend contacting your tax professional.


Can the rebate check be less than the estimated rebate amount provided to me online?

Yes. If the actual cost of the device (excluding tax and installation) is less than the rebate amount being offered, your rebate may cap at the purchase amount. For example, if the rebate offered is $40 for a premium high efficiency toilet, but your purchase cost before tax and installation is $30, you may receive a rebate for $30 only.


Is there a limit on how many rebates I can receive?

If you have ever received a SoCal Water$mart rebate for the same type of device, you are not eligible to receive another rebate. For example, previous applications for toilets will bar you from receiving another rebate for any additional toilets. You may, however, apply for multiple items on a single application, such as a clothes washer and toilets.


I have already claimed a rebate for a water saving device, but it has been a long time. Can I apply again when I purchase a new model of the same product I already got a rebate for?

No, customers may not apply for a rebate for the same product at the same address a second time.


Why do you need a copy of my water bill?

We use a copy of your water bill to verify your name, account number, service address and the type of service listed. We must see active water service to approve your rebate. SoCal Water$mart does NOT evaluate usage, so additional pages related to usage are not required.


I am a tenant/landlord, and my name does not appear on the water bill. How can I apply?

We can accept a non-matching bill in cases where the tenant is applying with the landlord’s water bill, or the landlord is applying with the tenant’s water bill. Either way, we need a written explanation, and written permission by the account holder to pay the tenant/landlord.


I have just signed up for water service and I do not have a current water bill. Can I still receive a rebate?

If you have not yet received your first bill, you may visit Santa Ana’s Finance Department at

20 Civic Center Plaza, First Floor City Hall, and request a proof of service letter. We can accept a proof of service letter in lieu of a water bill if it has all of the required information that we need on the water bill. 


I live in an apartment complex and do not receive a water bill. Can I still apply?

Yes. If you live in an apartment, condominium, townhome or any mobile home park, you may still apply for a residential rebate for your unit. You may notify us of your situation by doing the following:

  • Apply online for your rebate. Leave the application field for account number on the application blank.
  • After submitting your application, write a note on your paperwork indicating why you do not have a water bill, and submit the information required. We will confirm active water service for you directly through the water agency.


The model for the item I purchased is not on your qualified products list. Can I still get a rebate?

No. Only products that meet the stated eligibility criteria qualify for a rebate. Many products have similar model numbers, but only the exact models on the list will qualify. We recommend that you visit the qualifying products lists prior to applying to confirm eligibility.


Do products purchased through a third-party website such as eBay or Amazon qualify for rebates?

Products purchased through Amazon or eBay may qualify, if it can be confirmed that the product is being sold new. You must include a paid invoice that clearly states the product is new, otherwise it will not be eligible for a rebate.


Can I receive a rebate if I purchase qualified products through a contractor?

Yes. If a contractor purchases the device(s) for you, they must provide you with a paid receipt or invoice for the purchase for you to submit your application for a rebate.